Do I have to be at the uplift and delivery?

An authorized representative needs to be at both the uplift and delivery of your belongings. At delivery it is especially important that this person can advise the BEST Shipping on the placement of furniture and cartons in the new home.


Is there specialist packing that can be used for our antiques?

Yes, BEST Shipping are Fine Art specialists in the transportation of art and antiques, whether it is a sideboard or a prized art collection. Items requiring specialist care will be identified, and a made to measure wooden crate will be used to protect the item during transit.


What is transit insurance and why is it important?

Transit insurance is a special type of insurance that protects against damage and loss during transit. Just as you need to protect your belongings from loss whilst they are in your home, you also need to protect them throughout the moving process. Whilst BEST will take the upmost care of your effects, there are circumstances outside of our control that may put your belongings at risk.


What items cannot be taken when moving overseas?

Customs regulations vary according to each destination, so it is important to check with your BEST consultant as to the regulations of your new country. If there are any prohibited items amongst your goods, this may delay the clearance of your shipment and result in confiscation and heavy fines.