Air Freight

Whether shipping your personal belongings or your entire company, BEST has the experience and personnel to make sure your shipment gets to its location safely and quickly. We work closely with our overseas agent to ensure that your valuables will be handled with professional care from departure to delivery.

Air Freight

Air Freight Service/Consolidations

Air freight is a necessity when moving to and from Bermuda. A shipment can arrive virtually anywhere in the world. BEST Airfreight manages all the details. We will coordinate flight arrangements, pickup and delivery to the airfreight terminal with complete reporting and confirmation to you. We can arrange for pickup and delivery anywhere in the world.

Customs Brokerage and Deliveries

Our personnel are professionally trained and fully conversant with customs procedures and tariff rates

  • Expedited Processing
  • Island Wide Deliveries

Customs Clearance Information

We cannot ship any goods without an invoice; thus, if we do not receive an invoice your shipment will be delayed until one can be provided. As this is a requirement of H.M. Customs, we suggest that you have your supplier send you a copy of the invoice at the time of purchase to avoid any delays.

When you import goods into Bermuda, our Customs Clearance Department will processes all required paper work with expert capabilities! We will submit The Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD) on your behalf as this document must be stamped and approved by H.M. Customs before goods can be released.

All items arriving must pay the applicable duty rate based on the value of the goods invoiced.

A wharfage fee is also payable to Bermuda Customs, of 1.25% of the value of the goods invoiced arriving via Air, Ocean or Courier.

Short-Term Storage of Shipped Items

Goods shipped directly to us are securely housed free of charge for the first 5 days of arrival. Subsequently, customers are charged $1.00 per cube - per day, with a minimum charge of $15 per day, for up to 15 days. If extended storage is required, please see below our Long Term Fee Schedule.

Fine Art and Antique Packing & Crating

We have packed and crated many valuable items over the last 30 years and each move has been unique. We employ experienced, sympathetic staff, who understand the importance of valuable heirlooms; be they sentimental or items of immense value. Size is not an issue; we will pack a Faberge egg or a 3-ton sculpture of David. If you need it packed and crated, we will do it!


Although we take every precaution and every care to ensure there are no damages, we do recommend that clients permit us to insure their goods prior to any moving taking place. Moving and shipping is not without some element of risk.

The insurance rate is currently at 4.5% and is subject to change.
The rate is based on the value of goods + shipping charges.