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BEST Relocations

Company Sponsored Employee Relocations

Domestic and International

We understand that each employee-relocation is unique in nature. For each relocation there are normally three parties involved; the company executive being relocated, the Human Resource Manager and more often than not, the spouse or significant other. It is vital that each party be completely assured that the move will go smoothly and that the goods will arrive safely.

Our experience, training and proven techniques assure quality results the world over.

We have a team of highly qualified International Moving Specialists that will oversee your move every step of the way, from initial planning at origin to final unpacking in your new home. With carefully selected agents all-over the world, our resources deliver world-class moving.

Office/Business Relocations

Whether you are moving a workstation or a warehouse, branch office or corporate headquarters, we understand the importance of continuity in the operation of your business. Regardless of your company size or the complexity of circumstances surrounding your office move, BEST's moving professionals can assist you with the detailed planning needed for a successful move. We will work with you to develop the best strategy for each phase of the move process.

We understand that relocation is a complicated process and therefore we are flexible and quick to respond when our customers require contingencies. Our sensitivity to your needs and our dedication to service has allowed us the privilege of developing dynamic partnerships with our commercial customers.


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