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The customer deserves to have complete confidence that their freight will be handled professionally. At BEST we demand that all of our associated and each operational system be worthy of the complete trust of our customer. Our carefully selected project managers, customer service representatives, truckers and packers strive everyday to meet and exeed even the most detailed or extraordinary customer requests. Please see the overview of our vast array of services.

Airfreight Service/Consolidations

Airfreight is a necessity when moving to and from Bermuda. A shipment can arrive virtually anywhere in the world within two days. BEST Airfreight manages all the details. We will coordinate flight arrangements, pickup and delivery to the airfreight terminal with complete reporting and confirmation to you. We can arrange for pickup and delivery anywhere in the world.
· Worldwide Service consolidations · EFFA member

Weekly LCL/ FCL Ocean Consolidations

Servicing Individuals and Businesses.
Shipping from United States: New Jersey and Florida,
Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

For both Ocean & Air Freight services we offer:

Customs Brokerage & Deliveries

Our personnel are professionally trained and fully conversant with customs procedures and tariff rates
· Expedited Processing · Island Wide Deliveries

Container Haulage

    20 or 40 ft. container capabilities *
    Island Wide deliveries

* Bermuda only imports via 20 ft. containers. However, providing special permission is granted from both the Transport Control Department and the Corporation of Hamilton, 40 ft. containers are sometimes permitted.


Although we take every precaution and every care to ensure there are no damages, we do recommend that clients permit us to insure their goods prior to any moving taking place. Moving and shipping is not without some element of risk.

BEST Direct


Whether purchasing items via catalogue, internet or shopping abroad "BEST Direct" is the easiest and fastest way to get your shipment from the U.S. to Bermuda. Simply give your supplier your "BEST Direct" ship to address and we will do the rest.

Your personal "BEST Direct" addresses are private U.S. addresses for Bermuda residents and businesses needing a reliable, fast way to import packages weighing up to 150 pounds.

Sign up today by calling 292-8080.

Your personal "BEST Direct" address is a private U.S. shipping address for Bermuda residents and businesses needing a reliable, fast way to import packages weighing up to 150 pounds. "BEST Direct" is for packages only. Mail, letters or magazines received through "BEST Direct" can be forwarded to you in our regular ocean surface mail shipments for a minimal collection & handling fee.



Online Application click here

Now that you are signed up:

• Call your bank to have them add your "BEST Direct" address to your credit card as one of your "Ship to" address. Many U.S. and foreign companies will require this before processing your orders.

• All shipments will be received at our "BEST Direct" facility in New Jersey for processing and will be forwarded to you here in Bermuda.

• Expect a 24 - 72 hour delivery time (3 business days) from the time that we receive your package at our "BEST Direct" facility in New Jersey.

• You will be notified that your package has been received at our office on 3 Addendum Lane North, Pembroke and is ready for collection.



• Please send a copy of your invoice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We cannot ship any shipment without an invoice. If we do not receive an invoice your shipment will be delayed until one can be provided. This is a requirement of Bermuda Customs. We suggest that you have your supplier send you a copy of the invoice at the time of purchase to avoid any delays.

• Your "BEST Direct" address must be on all shipping labels and must include your name.

• Check the weight and size of your shipments before shipping so that you can accurately estimate your costs before they ship to Bermuda. You will also then be able to calculate if "BEST Direct" is the preferred method of shipping. With ocean and regular air freight services offered, we will be able to recommend the most cost effective means of shipping. Please go to our website to see all of our other services.

• Large light items will be shipped by size and not weight and can be quite expensive. If you have any questions on the most cost efficient way to ship your larger items, please contact us on 292-8080 Ext: 412, 415 or 428 and one of our agents will be pleased to assist you.

As of April 1 2012 all businesses importing through our BEST Direct service must be registered as a business with Bermuda Customs and must have their own Trader ID number.

BEST Direct is not responsible for failure by any client to present all required documentation in advance of any clearance and reserves the right to levy a service surcharge $30 due to consignee error or omission.



All airlines and courier companies bill by actual weight or "Dimensional Weight" whichever is greater. Shipping larger items takes up a lot of space on the aircraft and therefore are billed by size or "Dimensional Weight". For instance items such as comforters do not weigh much however they are quite large and can be quite costly to be shipped using this service.

Be sure to calculate your shipments when ordering to know how your goods will be billed.

Calculations in inches:

Length x width x height divided by 136 = the number of pound of Dimensional weight.

• No single package can exceed 150 lbs. in weight.

• Carrier fuel surcharges are calculated and will be added to your freight / shipping cost and are accessed and adjusted by the carrier based on fluctuating energy costs.



Along with the regular method of payments by cash or check, we accept credit and debit cards for the shipping, duty charges and the insurance upon receipt of goods at our 3 Addendum Lane North office. If you wish for packages to be delivered, we can also provide this service for a minimal fee.





Our "BEST Direct" from the U.S. are fast, reliable and competitive.

First pound $15.00

Each additional pound $4.50 (if between actual or dimensional weight from 2 - 30 pounds)
Each additional pound $3.25 (if between actual or dimensional weight from 31 - 150 pounds)

Insurance 3%

Call BEST Shipping on 292-8080 if you have any questions regarding this service, or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


BEST Source

With BEST Source we will handle all your purchasing (online or in-store in the US), your item/order pick up, short or long term warehousing, order reconciliation, freight consolidation, shipping (air or sea), customs clearance/documentation, and delivery to home.

Also if there are other additional services we can offer that may add value to your client experience let us know and we will do our best. After all it is our name!

Simply call or email us with the item name, model and model number. We will source it, price it and ship it!

BEST Relocations

Company Sponsored Employee Relocations

Domestic and International

We understand that each employee-relocation is unique in nature. For each relocation there are normally three parties involved; the company executive being relocated, the Human Resource Manager and more often than not, the spouse or significant other. It is vital that each party be completely assured that the move will go smoothly and that the goods will arrive safely.

Our experience, training and proven techniques assure quality results the world over.

We have a team of highly qualified International Moving Specialists that will oversee your move every step of the way, from initial planning at origin to final unpacking in your new home. With carefully selected agents all-over the world, our resources deliver world-class moving.

Office/Business Relocations

Whether you are moving a workstation or a warehouse, branch office or corporate headquarters, we understand the importance of continuity in the operation of your business. Regardless of your company size or the complexity of circumstances surrounding your office move, BEST's moving professionals can assist you with the detailed planning needed for a successful move. We will work with you to develop the best strategy for each phase of the move process.

We understand that relocation is a complicated process and therefore we are flexible and quick to respond when our customers require contingencies. Our sensitivity to your needs and our dedication to service has allowed us the privilege of developing dynamic partnerships with our commercial customers.

  • Project management
  • Porterage
  • Document storage


BEST Warehousing

Domestic Storage

With close to 20,000 square feet of warehouse space locally,and over 100,000 in our U.S. depot, we'll accommodate your needs for long or short-term storage. Household goods, office equipment, seasonal merchandise, industrial machinery or sensitive equipment - our warehousing provides safe, secure storage with the latest security and hazard-protection systems.

Our computerized tracking system efficiently records the precise location in the warehouse - keeping stored valuables ready for quick retrieval.

Just call us when you need them - or when it's time to store them.

Click below for

Long-Term Storage Fees

Private Domestic Removals

Island Wide, Monday through Saturday

If you are looking to move from your apartment to your first home, you need the experience of BEST. We will take every care with your furnishings and other valuables and get them to your new home in a safe and efficient manner. You might just have to move from one apartment to another, call us; we can move you quickly and on time!

Do you need to move out of your parent’s home? Have you got a bed and chest of drawers that won’t fit on the back of your bike? Call us, and we can move it through one of our independent truckers, the bike too! And since our trucks work six days a week you can move on Saturdays as well.

Planning has become a specialty for BEST. From supplying the correct packing materials and labour to loading, safe driving and unpacking, we ensure every possibility is anticipated. If you're moving internationally, BEST can also assist in handling customs clearance.

Across Bermuda or around the world, when you call BEST, you've made the best first step.


BEST Shipping is now registered to supply and build custom crating that meet the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packing Materials in the International Trade (ISPM15) is one of the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures adopted by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). The IPPC is an international treaty to secure actions to prevent the spread and introduction of pests of plants and plant products, and to promote appropriate measures for their control. ISPM15 is a standard on which many countries WPM (wood packing material) regulations are based upon.

BEST Warehousing Stats

  • 100,000 Sq. Feet Warehouse Space
  • State of the art floor to ceiling racking
  • 10 loading docks
  • 10 highly trained warehouse staff and 6 back office staff
  • On site export packing/repacking/crating capabilities
  • Comprehensive technology platform - Cargo Management System with Track and trace capabilities and remote cargo loading capabilities. (Load your own cargo/container on our website)
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